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Installing and Uninstalling Software
  FAQ: What Programs are Loaded on a PC by Default?

One way you can help us manage our work load is by contacting our help desk at HELP, with your computer problems, instead of waiting to "catch-a-tech." "Catch-a-tech" is most often used when you have a little problem or a question, it's not very serious, you know how to work around it for the time being, so you figure you'll just wait until you can "catch" a computer support technician, and address your problem then.

  FAQ: I am try to install software and my Windows computer won't let me. Why?

On Windows based computers there are three (3) levels of authority for a user.  These three levels are:

  • User
  • Power User
  • Administrator 
Power Users possess most administrative powers over the workstation with some restrictions.  All SFCC faculty and staff are Power Users on our Windows computers.  However, to install certain kinds of software the installer must have administrative authority on the target computer system.  This is a security feature of Windows based systems, which allows technical staff to better manage the types of software that are being downloaded and installed on network computers.

Standard Application Software
  User Installed Programs Folder

In general, IT Services leaves the installation of specialized software that is loaded on fewer than five computers to individual users.  If the installation of your specific software requires administrator privileges, you may call the HelpDesk to request Temporary Workstation Administrator privileges.  (These privileges are granted for the day requested and are automatically removed at midnight.)

  CS4 per seat license agreement

SFCC Software Installation and Use Procedure